SUP Lessons

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New to Stand up Paddling? Want to take a lesson or tour?

No experience necessary! We are the only Newport Beach Paddle Board rental business to offer lessons by professional instructors. Our knowledgeable instructors will have you on the water, paddling with proper form, using the Polynesian “quick blade” technique, and maneuvering all in one lesson!! No matter what your level of experience or fitness is, our experts will have you comfortable on the board and paddling by the end of your hour lesson.

Lessons cover safety, conditions, SUP equipment, proper stance, maneuvering, water entry/exit, and of course paddling technique.

During  your lesson, our goal is for you to be confident paddling & able to enjoy the sights in beautiful Newport Harbor! Our trained instructors are locals & able to tell brief history & fun facts about Newport Harbor while you paddle.

Call or email us a minimum of 24 hours in advance to schedule your private or group lesson or tour (up to 25 participants).

Lesson Pricing

All lesson/tour prices include equipment rental.

Private: $100.00

You can learn to stand up paddle in one hour session.  This lesson is devoted completely to you.  Topics covered will be water safety and awareness, board handling, and correct form for paddling and maneuvering.

Semi-Private: $75.00 each

Learn to Stand up Paddle with a friend!  This option saves money and you will learn the basics of SUP together.

Group (3+):  $65.00 each

Does everyone in the family want to go? This class will have your entire group up and paddling by the end of the hour. 

Please note – VERY IMPORTANT! – Lesson  & Tour Cancellation Policy:

1.  You may cancel your appointment without any additional charge anytime before the close of business on the business day preceding (NOT THE SAME DAY OF) your appointment.  The deposit for your lesson will be applied to your re-scheduled lesson or tour.

2.  Same day cancellations will be charged a $50.00 change fee.  This fee is in addition to the DEPOSIT taken for the lesson or tour,and will not be applied to the rescheduled lesson or tour.  Sorry if the fee sounds harsh, but it is necessary because the instructor(s) have been scheduled specifically for your lesson or tour and must be paid whether you show up or not.

3.  If you do not call to cancel your appointment or do not show up for your scheduled appointment, you will be charged full price for the scheduled lesson or tour.

4.  Please arrive AT LEAST 10 minutes before your scheduled lesson or tour time in order to ensure a full session.


Bay Tour

Do you already know how to stand up paddle?  If sightseeing and wildlife spotting is more what you are interested in, take a guided tour of the Bay. Priced the same as a lesson, these trips offer the chance to see some of the surprising wildlife sighting opportunities that exist within the Bay.

Most trips we see one or more seals – there are actually a couple of spots in the Harbor where we find up to 15 of these guys lounging around.  Above the water we often see a swan, pelicans, great Blue Herons, white egrets, cormorants, coots, and mallard ducks. …Down below the surface of the water, we see Garibaldi, stingrays, bat rays, Nasty ‘ol giant Sea slugs, scallops, crabs and who knows what else.

…And rarely we have seen dolphins swim into the Harbor, although they generally stay outside in the Ocean.  Last year, we saw a small grey whale come into the Harbor!  But that only happened once, so don’t plan on that!

Paddleboard rental Newport Beach

Stand up Paddler encounters a grey whale!



What are some common beginner’s mistakes in stand up paddleboarding?

These mistakes are easy to make when you’re starting out. Try to avoid them and you’ll have a lot more fun!

  • A hunched posture. Keep your back straight, shoulders level.
  • Staring at your feet instead of the horizon.
  • The elbow (bent angle) of the paddle facing in the wrong direction. It should point away from you.
  • Having both hands on the paddle shaft. Your top hand belongs at the very top of the paddle, on the grip.
  • Standing straight-kneed. It’s much easier to balance with bent knees.